Blogging for HONS 201: Feminism, New Media, and Health at Hunter College.

This is, as they say, The End

"I am Typing," via Flickr, by  Adikos. Creative Commons Attribution.

“I am Typing,” via Flickr, by Adikos. Creative Commons Attribution.

So this is it. It’s been an interesting semester for sure, learning about the intersections of feminism, health, and new media – and blogging and vlogging along the way.

As far as the class itself goes, I admit was I was unsure as to how much I would enjoy it. From the first day, we were diving into very touchy issues like medicalization, depression, and alcoholism. Now, I’m a Gender Studies major, so it’s not that I’m unused to talking or thinking about things that made me uncomfortable; rather, it was the sudden push off the ledge into these controversial and complex topics that made me feel strange. (And what made it even stranger was that, in the first few classes, we the students didn’t really talk much, so it was a lot of awkward silences – for me, at least.)

I think, though, as the class went on and my classmates and I warmed more to the topics and readings, the course definitely got more interesting. Variety is the spice of life, and I can say sincerely that I enjoyed and benefitted from hearing my classmates’ thoughts; and this was only amplified by the blogging requirement. All of my peers come from different cultural backgrounds, ethnic identities, gender/sexual identities, areas of study, and walks of life – and I was able to learn from their viewpoints that were shaped by their distinctive backgrounds.

I also definitely enjoyed blogging for myself; I spent last semester blogging three days a week for BUST Magazine, and I liked that I would be able to keep the habit of writing regularly about issues that are important to me. I absolutely hope to continue blogging into the future – let’s just hope I can do it with regularity without the worry of a poor grade if I don’t! (My home blog can be found here; I only have one post up at the moment, but I hope you find it interesting!)

All in all, I can say that I am happy I took this course. I wish all the best to my colleagues for their future endeavors – and good luck on the rest of your finals! It’s been good.


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