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Ladies? A Quick Word, Please

As I’m sure you know (or hope you know), tomorrow, November 6, 2012, is Election Day. The right to vote, dubbed eloquently by Dr. Maya Angelou as “the great equalizer,” and to choose who represents you as a nation is a precious one. It disheartens me immensely when I come across people who dismiss the importance of their own vote. But lately, it straight up infuriates me when I come across fellow women who tell me casually that they will not vote come Election Day.

For me, context is everything. And historically, women’s involvement in politics throughout history is a  relatively short one. In our great nation that is 236 years old, women have had the right to vote for only  92 of those years. And it wasn’t an easy fight. Suffragette Alice Paul was imprisoned after demonstrating for the right to vote, and while in prison, she bought back in the only wat she could: by hunger striking. She was then transferred to a psychiatric ward, where she endured painful sessions of force feeding during which a tube was forced down her throat to pour liquids into her stomach. She did not relent.

Alice Paul was just one of countless women who fought long and hard for suffrage. Susan B. Anthony. Ida B. Wells. Lucretia Mott. Doris Stevens. Clara Chan Lee. Harriet Tubman. These women struggled for years upon years to fight for the vote because they understood the importance of having a say in the way your life is being run.

Feminist snark, 1915-style. Via NCDH.

You owe it not only to the women before you to vote, but to yourself and your fellow women. Women’s rights have taken a central role in the 2012 election, from reproductive rights to women’s health to equal pay, and every vote counts towards a more equal country.

My fellow women who are citizens and of voting age, if you have the access, go out and vote tomorrow. You have no excuse.


5 comments on “Ladies? A Quick Word, Please

  1. Kaumudi
    November 6, 2012

    Happy voting!

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  3. esbias
    November 10, 2012

    Whenever someone asks me how their vote matters, I always say the Supreme Court. For a body that is elected for life, their decisions are becoming more and more pivotal (for better or worse) in issues that DO affect us, like abortion, voting rights, gay marriage, and campaign finance reform, and there are stark differences in those appointed by Democrats and Republicans.

  4. zacharyschrieber
    November 13, 2012

    To me, the Supreme Court was the #1 important reason to go out and vote this time around. Despite all the partisan gridlock, the President’ nominees still manage to easily get through the Senate no matter who is in power. And, since it looks like as many as 3 seats will be filled during this next term, it was all the more important that the right person was elected.

  5. cheurbs
    November 24, 2012

    i’m a bit late great post…that video was so legit!

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