Blogging for HONS 201: Feminism, New Media, and Health at Hunter College.

Meet the blogger

Howdily doo to all of you! My name is Kerishma Panigrahi, and I am taking the Thomas Hunter Honors Program course Honors 201: “Feminism, New Media, and Health” here at Hunter College. I will be maintaining this blog for the duration of the course.

I’m currently a junior at the Macaulay Honors College at the Hunter campus, double majoring in English Literature and Gender Studies, with a minor in Spanish.

I’ve referred to myself for a feminist for as long as I can remember, and have had the pleasure of studying the history of the feminist movement worldwide through my studies at Hunter. When I first entered college, I had no intentions of doing gender studies, but when I took WGS 100 I had the most wonderful professor – Professor Smith, who’s no longer at Hunter, unfortunately – who was so passionate and energetic that I knew that it was what I wanted to pursue. Outside of school, I’m a passionate fan of soccer, a voracious reader, a wannabe henna artist, and a cinephile.

As I mentioned in class on Monday, last semester I had the awesome opportunity to intern at BUST Magazine, a sort of Third-Wave feminist (“girlie” feminist) women’s lifestyle magazine that focused on crafting, art, music, food, and pop culture. I was an editorial intern, and my main day to day activities involved contributing content to the BUST blog (my posts can be found here). I also researched and proofread what went into the physical magazine and even got to help out on set for a photo shoot. I even got my name on the masthead (as an editorial intern) for two issues, which was the coolest. It was during my time at BUST that the whole Rush Limbaugh-Sandra Fluke debacle broke out, and I (and my fellow interns) got to follow and cover the increasingly prevalent War on Women.

When I saw HONS 201, it was during the middle of my internship, and it just seemed like a perfect fit! I’m excited to see where this course goes and the wonderful things I’ll be able to take away from it.


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